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Results for round 3

[Hey look a little note is on your LP.]

Food from all over the place sure is fun to try, don't you think? I hope you really enjoyed yourselves! I hope it wasn't too yucky, either. Seems like some of you couldn't hold it in.

Team Two went down in this round. Looks like Ichigo and Yuuki will have to sit out the final game. Yep, that's right! We're down to the last stretch! Let's get really geared up guys!

Well, I'll see you around!

Your friend Kia~♥

Chapter 27 C: Eating Contest

Who: Everyone
What: Third Game, last team game!
When: Thursday morning.
Where:  A big dining hall. It just kind of showed up.
Warnings: Will be noted as necessary.  Don't forget which team  you are on!

It's exactly as it sounds. Lined up on the tables are certain food items that must be eaten. The winners are the team that has the most people finish all of their plates.
[The same format of a note popping up on the LPs without touching or clicking it happens.]

Impressive teamwork everyone! That was so much fun! Unfortunately only one team can win! It looks like Team One fell behind this time. But I know you guys can catch up! That means it's a tie for now. That's so exciting!

The votes are in and it looks like Masada Seccom and Reiichi Himuro have gotten out this time around. But that's alright! Now you can cheer for your friends and really fire them up!

Can't wait until next time!

Your beloved best friend Kia~♥


Who: Everyone
What: Second Game!
When: Thursday morning.
Where: Across the good olde'
Warnings: Will be noted as necessary.  Don't forget which team  you are on!

On your Mark!Collapse )


[A message pops up on everyone's LP.]

Great job everybody! I wish everybody could be a winner, but it looks like Team Two lost today! The votes are in, and a few people got hurt, so it looks like Jounouchi Katsuya and Cissnei are out of the contest! Atem is out for team one too, since he got hurt. You guys really need to be more careful!

Now make sure you get lots of sleep and have lots of fun with your team in your houses before the next contest!

Your friend Kia~♥


Who: Everyone
What: First Game!
When: Thursday morning.
Where: That random gym with dodgeball equipment that showed up!
Warnings: Will be balled as necessary.  Don't forget which team  you are on!

This might sting a bitCollapse )

Chapter 27: Outlive, Outplay, Outlast

It's another normal day on Salkia island... Or is it? by now, most people had been expecting something to happen, if not for the fact it had been rather quite than because a date was looming up on then that Kia always made sure to celebrate.

That was probably why you ended up here, in front of a rather large platform holding a very familiar young girl.

"I can't believe it! It's been so long!" Kia gushes with a grin, looking them all over. "So I thought we should do something super special this time around... It's a survival contest! You start off in teams..." She indicates with a wave of her hand, pulling away the sheet from the Team Chart so that everyone could see it. "And the loser team has to vote off two of it's people for each round, until we get to the last game. Doesn't that sound like fun! And the winner..." She blinks, smile changing into something else for a moment, but returning quickly. "Well, you want to go back home, right? I don't know why you would, but we can give the winner that."

She looked over each one of them, bringing her hands to her hips and leaning froward slightly. "Oh, and because some of you would just blow everyone else out of the water, I'm taking your powers away too during the games. That will even things up a bit!" She winks, then straightens back up again.

"Well then, that's it for now! Your first game will take place on Thursday, and the voting for the loser team right after that. On Friday, we'll say goodbye to the losers." She giggles, and waves to the group. "Until then, you can enjoy your new accommodations, a house for each team!"

And...well, they would not have much of a choice in that, considering that every other building in Salkia seems to of disappeared again. The matching houses , however, would provide well enough for them during the month.

...Or, well, at least that was what they thought.

oocCollapse )

[She's back.]

Who: Kagome and All of you awesome people
What: She's coming out of haitus. Still will be slow with tags though.
When: Midday
Where: Town
Warnings: None, except if Kaiba shows up =)

She blinks as she looks around the town. How long had she been gone? She wasn't sure, but she had started wandering around the forest area and she continued walking. She had spent days in the forest and the mountains. After fighting a variety of monsters, she had turned around to follow her way back to town, but discovered that she was lost. She had no idea that someone could even get lost on Salkia, but apparently she was able to have managed it.

She blinked as she ran quickly into her room. After realizing that her room had shifted again, she sighed with annoyance. Really? She took a shower and after taking a shower and fixing herself up, she started to walk around Town. She was so relieved to be back. Did she want some new clothes now, or did she want to go get something to eat?

[ooc: I'm so sorry that its taken me so long to come back. I will still be slow but I'm going to try my best to be here. I really do love you guys and again, I'm terribly sorry that it took me so long to come back.]

ha ha this is way overdue [OPEN]

Who: Himuro and anyone!
What: There's a teacher in town! Hide the kids!
When: Midday
Where: Park, going into town
Warnings: None, except for tooth-rotting fluff if coco sees this.

let's just pretend he just got here, okay?Collapse )
Your L337Pod beeps, a small envelope appears on the screen, it opens without you doing anything;

*Final Fantasy Victory Song Plays*


You have just earned 500 MONIES!

These Monies can be used to buy food, clothes, weapons, or anything else you can find at the mall or grocers. To spend your monies you will only need to wave your L337Pod at the scanner when asked.

The Island is back to normal!


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