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Poor Atem, forced to reside-

Who: Seto Kaiba and Lelouch vi Britannia
What: Lelouch seems to have had enough with how Kaiba treats his 'rival'. A discussion ensues.
When: After Mokuba's birthday party. Kaiba's cleaning up.
Where: Salkia Mess Hall
Warnings: TBA

Kaiba just really really wanted to find a private corner somewhere and collapse. Even the proud had his limits and he had reached them about three hours ago. Duty, unfortunately, came before personal preferences, and Kaiba had never allowed himself to leave something that needed doing for later.

After hustling Mokuba off to enjoy his gifts, the brunet had set to work cleaning up what he could of the mess hall. The Island would likely do it if he didn't...but Kaiba refused to be anything but as self-sufficient as possible. It also offered the advantage of being away from people (after he had pushed the guests out of course), and quiet. Hopefully, no one would disturb one of his few moments of peace.
Tags: lelouch vi britannia, seto kaiba
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